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[knock on door] come in. hey, harry. jonathan. no workout today? i guess not. matt was coming at 5:00, but he didn't. maybe he's got a longer training session. maybe. he'll call if he can't make it. i gave you a double portion. after yesterday, you need it. no, please. take it out. i'm not hungry. it's chicken with noodles. it's good. i'm not hungry. ok. if you change your mind, holler. thank you. want me to leave you something to read? no, thanks. i'll leave these magazines in case. i'll see you later. later. you're really pushing it today. yeah. i guess i did. i was talking to your granddad. oh, yeah? mm-hmm. he was kind of expecting you. yeah, well, i was going to, but my workout lasted longer than usual. maybe you ought to give him a call. yeah, i will. there's a pay phone. i got some change. i said i'd call, all right? i know how you feel. it's not easy calling a loved one when you know you'll lie. what are you talking about? i only offered you change for the phone. damn! i don't know what to do! i love my granddad. it's all getting to be such a mess! why is that? because! i t
. you coming in? think i'll take a walk and dry off. see you later. excuse me. i'm jonathan smith. would you fill this out, mr. smith? it's jonathan. pleasure to meet you... libby. libby. get in tight with the locals. they know the good fishing spots. i had to drag it out of earl. that guy's shy. yeah, i know. what do you mean, you know? libby and earl-- the couple i'm supposed to get together. why didn't you tell me? because you're on vacation. oh, yeah. that's right. reach down and get me a nice, juicy night crawler. here. you do it. a little squeamish, huh? no. i just don't want to be part of killing one of his creatures. think i'll use a lure. any luck? not even a nibble. my friend's a little bitter. how about a cup of coffee? that sounds good. you go ahead. i'll talk to earl about his great fishing spot. i'll clean up and meet you in the restaurant. sure you don't want coffee? no. you go ahead. see you later. i don't want coffee, i want fish! mark's the fisherman. i'm along for the ride. there's something calm and peaceful about boats. you're lucky to live here. it is lovely. occasi
're all right. now get out. i want to read this. i'll see you later. go on, go on. i'm jonathan with the rolling library. something to read? no, thank you. wait. let me read some titles. i said no, thank you. all right, but let me leave something. i've got to do my job. here's one. welcome to hollywood. welcome to hollywood. quite a place. ever been there? no. meant to go. me and my wife never did. why not? i don't know. something came up. with the kids, huh? yeah, with the kids. first they're too small to travel, then they're in day camp, then you're saving for college and... and then? then your wife is gone and you're too old. come on. you too old? why do you think i'm in here? because i'm old and too much trouble. do you exercise or anything? are you kidding? no, i'm not kidding. you do much walking? i can hardly get out of bed in the morning. wait till you're my age. you'll see. there was a time when i kept up. i had a plaque on the wall at the ymca in baldwin, north dakota. i was fast and strong, too. but like i said, you wake up one day, you're too old. what day was that,
cast of judges. jonathan kapart. victoria difrancesco soto. crystal ball and richard wolf. all looking very elegant this evening, i might say. let's get right to it. let's go right to the first category. let's get started with the best performer in the thriller award. richard, who made the best political move of the year. >> can i be the simon cowell of this panel? okay, here we go. best political move. i am tempts to say the whole obama campaign ground came. the whole people who turned out all of these people to vote. but i don't want to be like "time" person of the year. if it's got to be one person, chris christie for having the guts to not just look after new jersey, but, literally, hug a democratic president in the face of everything that he knew his party would reign down on his head. helped him, helped the president, helped new jersey. >> so despite the fact that you were going to give it to the ground candidate of the obl campaign, you cross parties and go to chris christie. >> it seemed like goodwill to all people. >> victoria, are you going to be as bipartisan as richard is?
. koman competition coming around. >> jonathan? >> well, speaking of planting the seed, my vote for best political move is the obama campaign's decision to hammer mitt romney as an out-of-touch politrcat from the very beginning. baz r because they did that, it made a powerful video even more powerful because it confirmed everything that the obama campaign had been saying about the republican nominee from moment one. >> crystal? >> three words. please proceed, governor. second debate after the president had a lackluster performance in the first debate. and the second debate, he really came out swinging. and mitt romney thought he had him on the ropes with the benghazi nonsense. the president just let him proceed. not only was that a great, brilliant move in that moment, but it also but it was also em blematic of how he just had to let mitt romney talk. and it was so objectionable to the american people that they definitely wanted to go in a different direction. >> so please proceed governor from the second presidential debate. >> you got it. >> well, i think that probably i would say the
, and joining me today, jonathan chait, joy reid, new york times political reporter nicolas and catherine crier. christmas break is already over for president obama. he's flying back to washington tonight and aides say he's ready for a deal. it's not clear whether this trip is a sign of compromises to come or another display of theater showing the president is willing to work even as his opponents skip town. meanwhile, though, americans are growing skeptical. in the last week alone, gallup found a 15-point drop in the number of americans who think congress will negotiate a deal on the fiscal cliff. that's not all, holiday spending also hit its lowest rate since the 2008 recession, which retailers are blaming on the uncertainty in washington. so where do we go from here? well, since the house failed to get a vote on the tax package last week, all eyes are on the senate. a temporary deal that would basically extend all the tax cuts for those making under a quarter million. the deal would also rescue long-term unemployment benefits and instead of addressing those automatic spending cuts we've all
, what they like, what do they hate? could have been worse? i don't know. jonathan hoenig portfolio manager manager at capitalist dennis kelleher, better markets watchdog group and harry dent, author of the book the great crash ahead. harry, is the crash still coming or did this do anything to keep that, hold it off? >> well you know anything that doesn't cut government spending is better for the economy. it is just more stimulus. but we watched japan for two decades. and they keep growing with stimulus and all this stuff for three four years and crash and burn. melissa: i got to challenge that first statement. anything that doesn't cut spending is good for the economy? is that implies we don't have -- >> short term. >> okay, thank you. >> no, short term. it is stimulus. we hate estimatelous. we want austerity. rebalance economy. markets used to do this. the government will not let markets rebalance. we're carrying way too much private debt and government debt in the future. we'll be 28 to 30 trillion government debt in 10 years and these cuts, even with the battle ahead ar
. jonathan capehart, msnbc contributor and "washington post" editorial writer. jonathan, we're just six days away, no indication from house republicans that they are going to come back any time soon. the leadership has gone mum on that. we know there's not been communication between boehner and mcconnell, obama and boehner. are you amazed with this short amount of time to go there seems to be no sense of urgency on either side? >> am i amazed, given what we went through with the debt ceiling, no, i'm not amazed. i think there are forces here in this town that would like for us, sure people would like for there to be a deal, but going over the cliff on january 1st when there's this notion where it's not really a cliff, it's a slope, it's a curb depending who you talk to, that you can repair the damage if you get a deal done, you know, a few days after january 3rd. i think people feel like they can slow walk. as we saw last week when plan b failed, you know, speaker boehner said it's up to the white house and the democrats to come up with a deal. >> washing my hands with it. what's interesting
to walk out of ports this weekend. jonathan gould said this strike would make things worse. jonathan, what is the impact to the retailers? >> thank you very much, tom, impact for not only retail industry but all industries rely on the ports for imports and exports will be significant if they are allowed to shut down for any length of time witness once the contract expires this weekend. tom: from department stores to lumber, and auto, will one be hurt worse? >> this will be wespread across all industries, including retail, manufacturers who rely on inputs to production, farmers trying to get theirroducts overseas, and trucking companies who rely o ports to move containers in and out, this will be wide spread. for all industries who rely on the ports, in and out of u.s. tom: what is the fight? what is the problem? >> well i think there are a number of issues that need to be discussed between the unions. we're not taking issues on any -- positions on any of the issues, everything from container royalties, to jurisdiction issues, and from management side issues with regard to work rules and ef
-inflicted drama, and i hope no one ever, ever makes a movie about it. that does it for "the cycle." jonathan capehart is in the chair today? i feel like he's cheating on us. weren't you part of "the cycle", brother? >> i was, but it's a new day now. thanks guys. i'm jonathan capehart in for martin bashir on this december 31st, 2012. we're so very close to a deal that would stop all hell from breaking loose. oh, and happy new year. >> today it appears that an agreement to prevent this new year's tax hike is within sight. >> we're going cliffing. >> still no deal in sight. >> they just shovel it out to us. >> washington still in deadlock. >> we're falling over that fiscal cliff. >> republicans simply can't utter the word yes. >> the president is, i believe, slowing down the process. >> they have no strategy. they don't know what they want. >> kim kardashian is pregnant. >> a lot of democrats get mad at me. >> no deal is better than a bad deal. >> something has gone terribly wrong when the biggest threat to our american economy is our american congress. >> hats off to the president. >> as of th
the same way. let's bring in jonathan capehart and susan delpersio. i've got to start with you, sorry girl. here's what tag romney tells the "boston globe" about his dad. quote, he wanted to be president less than anyone i've met in my life. he had no desire to run. he would have been ecstatic to step aside. as a republican, you must be thrilled to hear that. no? >> i think this quote -- as a strategist i think this falls on the category of when family members and friends try to help and make a story look better in which case it kind of backfires. because the truth is you don't do what mitt romney did. he's run for governor, he's run before. you don't do this unless you wanted it more than anything else. however, if it was really the case and he needed to be persuaded to run, that explains a lot. >> although i'm going to guess on election night he sure wanted it when he thought he was winning. >> absolutely. >> jonathan, you had this great column about this. the man who had no desire to run learned that the american people had no desire to have him in the white house. so i guess it all wor
so much for being with us, jonathan. >>> why don't we start with the sor story of the year, barack obama wins, republicans lose in a way that perhaps is more telling than just what one election result might suggest. >> well, i think it certainly does. it difference him a certain platform and credibility perhaps he didn't have before. watching as these fiscal cliff negotiations have gone through the holidays, it certainly is more perhaps a little bit more bully pulpit for the president and his position on taxes. the biggest story of the year came at the end of the year in the past week or so, the massacred sandy hook elementary in newtown and i think the presidency now might be shaped by those events. those are the stories barnicle and andrea have chosen as the top stories of 2012 to cover. >> mike barnicle, would you agree this could be a signature of a second term. >> i do agree with that. i think the events a few days ago of newtown in connecticut will help shape the president's second term in office and gives us huge impetus of change in this country that have taken too long to
might finally start talking. >> well, we're joined by jonathan allen, senior washington correspondent for politico. jonathan, good to see you and thanks for being up so early to talk to us, as well. it's still dark where you are. do you think there's any way that we can find an agreement by monday? >> sure. where there's a will, there's a way. it's possible. but i don't see the attitudes suggesting that's going to happen. it's like a bunch of school children who have a project due. they start blaming each other a couple of days before it's due and you start to get the sense that maybe that project is not actually going to get done. >> so then what? >> they come back after the first of the year, we come back with a new congress with a absolutely different set of characters to do the same thing. i think once taxes go up on all americans, if that, in fact, happens, if they don't strike a deal before the first of year, there will be tremendous pressure on all of these guys to come back and at least solve that problem. >> john, what are the key sticking points here? >> well, look, it's rea
to a fiscal cliff. thank you within kelly. jonathan, i want to turn to you right here. harry reid was not holding back this morning on the senate floor. i want to play what he said about the 435 members in the house. >> there's 435 members of the house. what goes on in this country shouldn't be decided by the majority. it should be decided by the whole house of representatives. the speaker just has a few days left to change his mind. but i have to be very honest, mr. president, i don't know timewise how it can happen now. >> and we just heard from kelly about this possible new deal the president has sent over regarding the fiscal cliff. harry reid, though, there's not a lot of time left. >> no, there isn't a lot of time left. what the majority leader is referring to is we've been talking about a lot, the majority of the majority real that if boehner would put aside this tradition that if he's going to get anything passed, it has to be passed bay majority of the republican caucus. clearly there have been times on the little and in the house when boehner could have passed many bills
and the fate of our struggling economy. good morning, i'm jonathan karl with a special edition of "this week." george is off for the holidays. the world is watching and waiting to see what happens here today in washington. at this hour, congressional leaders are working to find common ground desperate for some sort of compromise, my sources tell me this morning the odds of a deal are still no better than 50/50. the senate will convene today at 1:00 p.m., the house back in at 2:00 p.m. stock measures around the world are on edge. the dow down five days in a row falling nearly 160 points friday and early indications are those losses could be much worse if there is no deal. consumers are jittery too. their confidence in the economy plunging for the second straight month falling to its lowest level since august. that's where we begin. let's get the latest from two top senate leaders joining us now senator chuck schumer of new york, senator jon kyl of arizona. so, gentlemen, do we have a deal? >> well, there are certainly no breakthroughs yet between senator mcconnell and senator reid, but there'
you stick this thing out? joining us right now, jonathan hoenig, portfolio manager at capitalist spencer patton, chief investment officer at steel vine investments. jonathan, i have no choice but to stick it out. i'm a poor slob with a 401(k). so what do i do? i stick it out, right? >> well, what the president is putting you through, adam, what harry reid is putting you through, harry reid thinks the next 20 four hours are important? you're supposed to as investor be thinking long term. to leave this down to the last minute like this is cruel and is a distic to investors. one of the reasons you saw the tremendous drop today. you mentioned monday night being volatile. that is holiday day. it is thinly traded. with the fiscal cliff literally occurring you can bet it will be extremely volatile sunday and monday night. adam: spencer, if i were in individual stocks seems not it the time to sell them or will we see that. >> the important thing to keep in mind with stocks, one part we have to worry about is the fiscal cliff. we have taxes and spending to worry about there. but what
. jonathan bloom is live and third and mission streets to explain what happened. >> firefighters are still trying to figure out what happened after a manhole cover blew out of the ground about 45 minutes ago resulting in loud noises and very scared passerbys. it sounded like fire crackers going off. firefighters are investigating what is going on but assuming it's an electrical problem and now pg&e is on the scene. nobody was reported to be injured in the incident but it did result in traffic closures that were only minor since christmas is light traffic day. third street was closed in two blocks and mission was closed between second and fourth street. now, we see the first signs that mission street is being reopened as pg&e is on the scene and starting to investigate down inside that manhole. we just saw the smoke pouring out of manhole as they pulled it off. this live picture, they going down to figure out what went wrong, it may in fact be storm related. as firefighters continue to investigate, streets are starting to reopen and light traffic, no at whole lot of impact other than a few
. mark. mark. jonathan? i'm right here, buddy. i smell breakfast. welcome back. it's a remarkable thing. how quick he recovered? how much he ate for breakfast. thanks for what you did. didn't do a thing. beats me, the way he recovered. take it easy. oh, i will. where can we rent a room? there are rooming houses and the simms place. they exchange lodging for work. they still call it that, the simms place? it's what they've always called it. i'd like to see it again. you got it. hey, doc, ks. i'm glad everything worked out. thank you for that breakfast. it was a pleasure. take care now. try not to overdo. i won't let him. [radio plays in the mood] i can't get over it. they call the ranch the simms place. that was my granddad's name. carl fred simms. the people probably call it what they always did. yeah, you're probably right. this place has not changed an iota since i was a kid. look at these cars. yeah, they're old. these cars are worth some money nowadays. i'll bet. listen to that. what? the music. even it hasn't changed. it must be an oldies station. spooky. i mean nice, but spooky. w
the sky but a manhole cover. jonathan bloom is live and third and mission streets to explain what happened. >> firefighters are still trying to figure out what happened after a manhole cover blew out of the ground about 45 minutes ago resulting in loud noises and very scared passerbys. it sounded like fire crackers going off. firefighters are investigating what is going on but assuming it's an electrical problem and now pg&e is on the scene. nobody was reported to be injured in the incident but it did result in traffic closures that were only minor since christmas is light traffic day. third street was closed in two blocks and mission was closed between second and fourth street. now, we see the first signs that mission street is being reopened as pg&e is on the scene and starting to investigate down inside that manhole. we just saw the smoke pouring out of manhole as they pulled it off. this live picture, they going down to figure out what went wrong, it may in fact be storm related. as firefighters continue to investigate, streets are starting to reopen and light traffic, no at whole lot
. the island of draws thousands of backpackers to its famous parties. his family has been informed. jonathan is in bangkok. fill us in a little bit on what appears to have happened. >> the police are fairly clear in their minds about what happened. they say that in the early hours of the morning a fight broke out between two gangs. the man that they arrested, they say, and they say they have many witnesses to back this up, got involved in the fight, pulled out a gun, and fired it. stephen ashton, they call a very unlikely. he was struck in the side of the torso. he was not able to be revived once taken a hospital. they have sent police officers to oversee the case, not unusual when tourists are affected. in their view it is a straightforward case where the man did not intend to kill him, but is going to be charged with manslaughter, backed up by the witnesses they say they have. >> thank you, jonathan. and thank you for watching bbc world news. plenty more still to come, including our long dream of a world war ii lancaster bomber restored and ready to fly. the ivory coast is beginning three
wanted to get somebody on, and they refused. who were they? >> when jonathan klein was -- >> the head of cnn. >> have you heard that? jonathan klein was the head of cnn. he said he was going to change the esthetic of cnn, and it was going to be different, and it was going to be about storytelling, and it was going to be about important issues, and then the runaway bride story happened, and we had an interview to talk to him, and then the runaway bride story happened, and i had to deal with the runaway bride story, and it was in some ways the most hilarious interview i have ever done. he was so mad that cnn will not let anyone come on our show anymore, and fox generally will not let anybody on our show anymore, and then people who you would think would want to come on, seymour hersh would not come on because he does not want to be edited, and a lot of people who would go on "charlie rose" would not come on our show. hersh has sometimes come on our show. you know, for a long time, he would not. a lot of people just do not want to be in my hands. i cannot understand that, but that is the
. jonathan hunt here now. the ncaa had harsh response to this. >>jonathan: they put out a quickly statement and the mildest phrase was that they were disappointed in the governor's actions but the ncaa statement went on and i quote, "not only does this lawsuit appear to be without merit, it is an affront to all of the victims in this tragedy, lives that were destroyed by the criminal actions of jerry sandusky and the innocence that was stolen can never be restored, penn state has accepted the consequences for its role and the role of its employees and is moving forward. today's announcement by the governor is a setback to the university's efforts." officials at penn state issued a statement avoiding taking sides, but saying that they are working toward excellence in all areas of college life. >>gregg: and the family of joe madano? >>jonathan: they issued a statement, and joe paterno was not accused of being a party to the abuse but not doing enough when he knew whatever he knew of the abuse to stop it. his family said if a statement they have not studied this lawsuit but and i quote, "what
. and jonathan capeheart. peter, let me start with you. there's this meeting at 3:00 p.m. at the white house between the president and congress allege leaders. any optimism there? there's some -- little bit of a trickle of maybe some sort of compromise deal with rates starting at 400,000 instead of 2 r50. how is the white house feeling about this meting coming up at 3:00? is this more important show? >> at the white house at least from the conversations we have had with aides and other members of the staff, it is pretty clear they recognize that this is a big deal. they also recognize that they think the ground rules remain the same. reporters like myself back to exactly what the president said a week ago was the fact that he wanted to extend the bush era tax cuts for those making less than $250,000 and focusing on the unemployment insurance for more than 2 million americans who are already receiving letters within the next days. as early as tomorrow, luke, they will stop getting those checks if nothing changes. it will be the last check they will get if nothing changes going forward. recogn
. rich people make sure they made more taxes. >> didn't work out. >>> to capitol hill, jonathan allen is the congressional correspondent for politico. did you sleep there last night? i didn't sleep in the capitol, no. i make a rule not to do that. once you start, it's a slippery slope. >> there may be some people, like phil gingery from georgia, who will vote no is that the same as a conservative movement, or for that matter, a liberal movement on the democratic side to defeat the bill that they will face in the house today? >> i think brianna said is right, the term acquiesce, and on the right and the left, i think they will accidequiesce. some voices will come out and say it's a bad idea. tom harkin, democratic senator from iowa, one of them. he torched this whole plan. it's interesting. when it comes down to the last minutes here, how much less energy and vigor some of the no voters have, they -- they would like to at least be able to go home for a day before the new congress starts on january 3rd. >> they want to tell constituents, i wasn't all that into this but that had nothing
correspondent jonathan hunt is live in our new york city newsroom. jonathan, there is new information and update now on the other survivors. >> yeah. we just in the last few minutes, in fact, got an update from the hospital where the two wounded firefighters are recovering we are told by officials there that their condition has now been upgraded to satisfactory. that is good news from the hospital. the two themselves released a statement today which said in part quote we deeply appreciate your compassion and support as we focus on recovering from our emotional wounds. we are humbled and overwhelmed by the well wishes for us and our families. while those two continue their recovery, the community is preparing for the funerals of the two firefighters who died. those will be held on sunday and monday, harris. i just shared that very sick note that was left behind. >> cops don't have much clue as to a motive right now. they are looking into william spangler's family relationships. for a start, there is is his mother. she died in october. he was apparently very close to her then there was this obitua
is more than 45,000. the chief correspondent is live with more. jonathan, the syrian regime says it is interested in dialogue. is that hopeful? >>jonathan: better than saying they are not interested in any sort of dialogue but not a lot better. we have her similar things for 18 months now from the syrian regime. the comments coming from the syrian prime minister who said the government is interested in any sort of political proposals that lead to a political solution rather than a violent solution. that sounds a lot like trying to save their own skin. in the next sentence, the prime minister went on to say that the country is "moving toward a historic moment when it will declare victory over the enemies with the goal of positioning syria to build a new world order that promotes national sovereignty and the concept of international law." declaring victory over enemies is a clear signal that the assad regime still wants to crush the opposition. >>trace: another stark warning from the u.n. peace envoy. >>jonathan: you may remember they have been trying for months to put together som
and jonathan, opinion writer for "the washington post" and an msnbc kriblt tor. contributor. thank you all for coming on the show. governor rendell, let me start with you. have you ever, ever seen anything like this? i mean, where is the leadership? >> yeah, this is amazing. if i were the president, i'd be tremendously frustrated. you have to have somebody to negotiate with. there's nobody across the table for the president to strike a deal with. and the president has been forthcoming. he's been expansive. he's already moved. he's moved from 250 to 400. he's made significant steps. he's laid out some of the entitlement forms that he's willing to accept. he's moved about as far as he can move because there's nobody coming back to limb saying we'll do this and we'll do that. it's really irresponsible. >> it's very irresponsible. jonathan, you look at the fact that they're not being honestabout it. senator scott brown wrote heading back to d.c. just learned the president reached out to senate gop leadership with a proposal. it is the first such proposal to be put forth. first proposal? the pr
, jonathan scott, ha vuelto para seguirle el rastro a los guepardos. [música africana] (voz por la radio) acabo de ver a uno. está escondido entre la hierba. uno de los exploradores me dice que vio un guepardo por aquí mismo. está entre la hierba alta. sí, ahí está. se subió a ese montículo de termitas. es un ejemplar muy bello. mírenlo. parece que es una hembra. ¡qué increíble! y tiene un cachorro pequeño. ¡santo cielo! ¡qué buena suerte tengo! es una madre. y tiene un cachorro muy pequeño. no debe tener más de siete u ocho semanas. o sea, que acaba de salir de la madriguera. y aún está en la edad de la lactancia. ¿saben qué? lo voy a llamar toto. así se dice, en la lengua swahili "pequeño bebé". ese va a ser su nombre. sí, ese será su nombre. se llamará toto. [música africana] la mamá de toto va a tener mucho trabajo para evitar que se meta en problemas. pues, en esta zona, abundan los leones, las hienas y los mandriles, que lo matarían sin pensarlo dos veces. la verdad es que, si toto aún está vivo al final de esta temporada de diario de grandes felino
first. trace? >> trace: jonathan, we have heard warnings about the failure of the international community to really react to all of this. but some unusually strong language in the latest from the u.n. peace envoy. >> yeah. the peace envoy currently a man much more given to diplomatic language. this time is he saying that syria, quote: will be be transformed into hell. this coming year if the international community doesn't act other officials predicting that the death toll could rise as high as 100,000 civilians currently estimate human rights observers being something like 45,000 civilian deaths which, of course, is all evidence of what he says syria has been hell for quite some time already. trace. >> trace: what about bashar assad, jonathan. any sign that he is losing the will for this fight? >> well, there is always rumors surrounding bashar assad and his family. there is always speculation. but the reality on the ground is that he continues to direct his security forces to slaughter those syrian civilians. he continues to tell the security forces to fight for every inch of
the most carefully laid plans. let's bring in dana milbank and msnbc contributor jonathan capehart also of the "washington post" to help me sort out how does a man get it done in the second term? dana, you know, they say that the second term a president really has about 18 months to get anything done and after that you're pretty much a lame duck. now, of all the things i just listed, what do you think he should and what do you think he will try to tackle first? >> well, karen, first of all, i don't think he needs to surrender to the idea that he only has that 18-month period. it's not without precedent to achieve things later in the term. so, first of all, it's not necessarily such a narrow window. the other thing is assuming we have to do something with the fiscal cliff here, but even once that's done and presume lbl awhat we're looking at now is more of a smaller short-term fix, that doesn't mean he's going to take his eye off the economy. he learned the lesson of this early in his first term when he said, okay, we took care of that, we did the stimulus, let's move on to health care.
of a proposal. so, i think it's awful. >> let's bring in jonathan clicho, communications director of "american crossroads," also democratic strategist richard goodstein. happy new year, guys. good morning. >> same to you, chris. >> happy new year, chris. >> what do you think of this deal? >> look, having everybody on both sides belly ache about it is going to be the name of the game for a couple reasons. one, we have a divided government. people shouldn't kid themselves when the republicans are controlling the house, democrats control the senate and the white house. this is going to be the new normal, and it has been. we've seen anything that's gotten done over the past two years follow this exact same format. remember back to 2010, exactly two years ago, where we had certain rates that were extended or the bush rates, but the president got a lot of things out of that as well. so, people have to keep in mind, this is not any kind of departure from the norm. think back to the clinton welfare reform bill. >> yes, i agree with that. 2009, the health care overhaul. you had $858 billion tax package
? to discuss the political side of all this, joanne green, and jonathan kohl edgeio of american crossroads. good to see you. jonathan, let me start with you. what's your betting here? are we going get a deal done before monday? >> all eyes ort senate right now. the congressman had it right. one of the things we lose sight of is two-thirds of the pieces of the negotiations are being held by the democrats and whenever harry reid opens his mouth everything is held up in thatted abouty and they passed a bill several months ago and it was a straight democrat vote and it wasn't something that had influence in the house and that's where all of the action is and whether he can get something done in that body is what we need to be looking at. >> i'm sure you see it differently. harry reid, they passed a bill and the reverse of what they said is the facts and the senate passed a bill extending everyone's tax cuts under 250k. and boehner can move the senate bill through and he's refusing to because he doesn't want the optics and doesn't want to pass a bill with the majority of democratic votes and he
on a beautiful saturday afternoon. 8 years ago in the ban shell at golden gate park. jonathan, one of our readers was there. 20 readers and 8 afternoons and now there are venues around the city. i will read a few poems. the first one is, after the bleeding. it was inspired by 2 photos that were in the san francisco chronicle in june 2005. the first, i will read the captions. photo captions. and follow with the poem. children watch as police collect pieces of bodies from a suicide bombing. front page photo caption san francisco chronicle june 14, 2005. >> the not guilty verdicts in the michael jackson trial. front page photo caption, san francisco chronicle june 14, 2005. after the bleeding the blood spattered walls draw the gaze of children wanting to see what has caused such a noise. how can they not stair. arms and legs, pieces of torso scattered, the smell of new death and feared hair. they must be asking the same question. a person who blows themselves up must believe in something. must believe in something or else not. hopelessness degreesed in apnigzs, righteousness disguised in a tuxedo o
years eve. we want to bring in jonathan allen. he's a senior national correspondent for politico. the top headline on politico is fiscal cliff deal increasingly unlikely. i think a lot of people are feeling that pessimism right now. what are you hearing? >> well, i think what you've got here, alena, is a nash equilibrium to borrow from economic theory and game theory. each of the players believe they are pursuing their optimal strategies given the strategies of the other players and there's no reason to change it. i think as observers of this, the american public, you can say there's a real reason to change it. in terms of the politicians, i think they're pursuing their best strategy right now and that leads us toward that cliff. unless something changes in the next couple of days, most folks now believe that any fix will happen after january 1st. >> the house gop leadership put out a statement yesterday. i want to read part of it for you. it says in part, the house has acted on two bills which collectively would avert the entire fiscal cliff if enacted. those bills await action
to. i want to quickly just read you a quote from jonathan who has written a lot about these issues and requests what a lot of liberal democrats are feeling right now. what jonathan wrote why is obama caving on tacks? the discouraging thing about the fiscal cliff negotiations is not that they have gone into the eleventh hour. it's that president obama has retreated on his hard line on taxes. obama may think his conciliatory approach has helped avoid economic chaos. instead, he is courting it." i want to go right to jimmy williams because you have been a senate staffer. you understand how this thing works. why would the white house even bother to increase from 250,000 to 400,000. they don't really have to. they're winning this fives fight. >> the only people that actually care whether or not the threshold is 250,000 to 400,000 are these people that are going to vote on it. nobody else really cares. all they really care is that you get a deal. these people are sitting at ground zero. these snores, these liberals. i'm a liberal. i don't care what the thereby hold is. i don't give a dam
'donnell on capitol hill, nbc's kristen welker at the white house, and jonathan capehart, washington post editorial writer and my colleague and an msnbc contributor. okay, kelly. the action is on the hill where it's been for the last few days. let's start with you. this is a fast-moving story. give us the latest perimeters of what appears -- i emphasize appears to be the start of a deal. >> well, it has been coming closer together, so we are told. the question is what will the president be saying, and senior advisors here as well as senators i've spoken to say they do not expect that he is making any nounment of a deal, so we'll wait for the white house to determine that for sure. what we've been hearing is that they have moved off the issue of taxes and have been more focused on the nature of spending cuts. with republicans and democrats in two different places. democrats would like to delay the automatic spending cuts that would kick in at midnight for two years. republicans would like to delay them only for three months, and then get some additional deaf set reduction with those cuts would kick
for the supply chain. here now is jonathan gold and he's vice president of supply chain and customs policy for the national retail federation. jonathan, good to see you. >> michelle, thanks for having me tonight. >> how dramatic, how bad would it have been if come next year, in other words, in just a few days we had a strike on all of the ports on the east coast of america? >> it would have been fairly significant if we would had a shutdown on all of the ports from the east to texas and it would affect importing, exporting, manufacturers who rely on inputs to production, farmers who are trying to get their products to market overseas, trucking companies who sold jobs to pick up containers at the ports this would have been felt fairly wide throughout the u.s. economy. >> can you put a number on it? can we look at previous shutdowns of ports and what they cost the u.s. economy on a per-dayis bahhis, for example? >> sure thing. when we look back at what happened in 2002 we had a full shutdown on the west coast with a ten-day lockout. that lockout cost the u.s. economy about $1 billion a day a
for pretty much everything. how about an app about nothing more than just being cute? on video? jonathan bloomvzá-z has the sto. >> 4:00 in the afternoon. abc 7 editors and producers crammed into a room, editing video. two blocks away, people are out, ice skating as chris shoots video of them with his jolly new app. jollify to. >> to make people smile. >> it is a way to jazz up video was out spending hours in a dark room. >>ea there is a karaoke themeévx >> all sorts of things and you can make your own. >> there are other apps with themes for videos but the point is that you apply themes while shooting instead of spending time messing around you don't have to do post production. it appears in the view finder. position your video into the view finder and record. record the video. share it, you're done. >> kit lead to acting opportunities. >> we want you just to run around. this is perfect. >> so you're being attacked by a dragon. >> it let's you share straight to facebook. >> there we go. unless have you no shame. >> right now they're all free just like the app. you can build themes on
to reverse the fiscal cliff. abc's jonathan karl reports on the details from washington. >> reporter: at long last, they finally have a deal. late last night, vice president biden went to capitol hill to convince senate democrats to pass it. >> i think we'll get a very good vote tonight, but happy new year. >> reporter: after a quick debate, the senate even passed it. >> the bill as amended is passed. >> reporter: now the big question, can it pass in the house? technically everybody's taxes have already gone up. the tax cuts have expired. but if the bill can pass in the house in the next day or two, the tax cuts can be made retroactive. the bill, if it passes, would extend tax cuts for all workers earning under $400,000. it would prevent a big tax hike estates values at less than $5 million and it would extend unemployment benefits set to expire today for some 2 million people. even as they closed in on that deal yesterday, congressional republicans were not happy with what they heard from president obama who held a campaign-style event at the white house. >> i'm going to be president for the
movement? joining my discussion is jonathan westin, executive director for new york communities for change, and d k director of fast food forward. jonathan, a kind of local strike here in new york, a fast food workers and talk to me about what the strategy was around that. >> so probably a month ago now, hundreds of workers all across new york city went out on strike, and from mcdonald's to burger king to wendy's, to yum brands and kind of a mu multicorporation strike that workers went out on, and based on the fact that workers are continually paid poverty wages that keep them in poverty while they are still working. >> full time. >> people wish they could get the full-time hours, but they get the part-time hours and the $7.25 minimum wage pay and they cannot afford the rent and barely food, and sometimes they c cannot afford the take the train to work, so they walk miles to work, and it is winter and cold out now, and this is what people are going through everyday in the low-wage jobs, and also in walmart and the other industries in the economy that we are becoming. >> so if i'm a labor
a property? how does my improvement or repair affect my property about you? we have guests today. jonathan, thanks for coming. james, and alice. alice is a neighbor. thanks for coming. i have a big hand out of stuff about what other people think values might be when you do work on your home. san francisco is a different world, isn't it? >> we have so many micro districts and pockets of different the used within two or three blocks. answering the question for one house may not always be the same as answering that question for different house. >> give us an idea. if you get a view, it will be different -- >> shore. the value of a simple remodel verses a very fancy kitchen remodel in a house that might be worth more than a condominium. those things can matter. it can make a difference. >> we have a request from one of our viewers to make sure we talk about -- home-improvement results and building taxes. >> accessible. >> the other thing that might be brought out his people over- improved. there is a fine line. i recommend that my client or anyone talk to realtors before they start. it is a go
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manager at capitalist pig .com. jonathan, the asian markets have opened. they have been open for a news and looks like they are seeing tentative gains with potentially looking at this deal up about 1% at this point. your thoughts on the market reaction to all of this in washington? >> well, it is a little early to know he just yet. last the markets worldwide just opening after the new year's holidays. our own markets aren't open yet. so far tentative. the u.s. dollar is down and gold is up. my opinion is that markets in general will be happy to see any resolution to what has been a serious debacle going on for weeks. unfortunately, it doesn't address as many of the previous speakers have talked about the underlying core issues here. this is a problem of spending in which spending is not addressed at all. in fact, it is increased as darryl issa pointed out. many of the loopholes for nasa and green energy remains. taxes for the biggest wealthiest producers go up as well. hard to find that longer term markets will find anything to cheer about in what should have been a spending cut didn't
could get a little help following through? jonathan bloom has a look at a bay area social media company that has found a way to do just that. >> the start-up, i want the start-up to grow. that's my new year's resolution. >> ken is thinking big, but for most people few years resolutions sound something like this. >> this year i need to cook for myself better and do more exercise. i want to travel more this year. >> they are lofty goals and for some folks a little help to reach them would be worth something. >> i would pay $30 a month maybe. >> send me links or deals i don't know about or secrets off the path, destinations. >> there's a website for that called rewarder and it's a place you can offer up a reward for specific kind of information or expertise. >> they say i want this, i will pay this much. >> vice president showed us receipt wards offered for cooking tips. >> they want to learn to make the meals and be able to do it at home. >> workout advice. >> looking for a plan to run a marathon in under four hours. >> and vacation planning. >> and the best itinerary, $10.00. >> if you o
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